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Dinner Secrets gluten-free

Dinner Secrets gluten-free


Dining should be one of life's simple pleasures, but for those with gluten intolerance it can be a challenging task. "Dinner Secrets: Gluten-free" sets out to change that. It provides readers with inspiring recipes that will suit every dinner occasion and satisfy even the fussiest palate. Whether you are catering for a swish party or throwing together a quick meal, family and friends will have no idea that these irresistible dinners are gluten free. Professional cook Pamela Moriarty, who has lived with coeliac disease for over 25 years, believes that flavour and visual appeal should never be sacrificed when it comes to eating even if you are sensitive to wheat or gluten. As a result, she has spent years perfecting the recipes in this book, using ingredients that can be easily sourced in your supermarket or healthfood shop. The recipes are easy-to-follow and accompanied by useful tips on how to substitute ingredients, prepare meals in advance and master basic techniques. This beautifully photographed cookbook provides over 100 gluten free recipes for all types of dinner occasions, from casual to stylish; the recipes have clear and easy-to-follow instructions that can be cooked by people of all skill levels; ingredients used in recipes are easily found in supermarkets and healthfood stores; the meals are both attractive and flavourful and guests will hardly believe that they're gluten and wheat free; and, every recipe includes shared secrets and cook's tips which provide easy ways to vary recipes, substitute ingredients, master techniques and plate attractive meals.
Buy Now ISBN: 987-1741968811
Published: Jun 2011
AuthorPamela Moriarty

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Out of my embarrassingly large collection of GF cookbooks, this is my favourite book. The recipes are delicious and work well, having been developed in Australia and every one has a large, tantalising photo. There is also an entire section devoted to sauces. The ones that I have tried have come out superbly, despite their simplicity.

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