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How Facebook Login Works

At Gluten Free Land, we've recently added the ability for our users to log in via Facebook. This page explains how this works and why it is secure.

For the technical boffins

We use Facebook's Graph API and OAuth implementation to authenticate you and retrieve your basic account information to populate your Gluten Free Land account with. We then associate your Gluten Free Land ID with your Facebook ID for future authentications.

For the rest of us

Login via Facebook is a system developed by Facebook to allow you to log in to other websites (like Gluten Free Land) without having to give each website an email address, password and other information. The way this works is that Facebook essentially vouches for your identity. They can do this because you signed in to Facebook using your email address and Facebook password.

When you click the "Login with Facebook" button on Gluten Free Land, we send you to Facebook, asking them to vouch for your identity on our behalf. If you give your permission, Facebook will then send us a unique ID number associated with your Facebook account that we will use instead of an email address to sign you in and associate your reviews with. In accordance with Facebook's developer conditions, we NEVER give out your Facebook ID number to anyone.

What information does Gluten Free Land receive from Facebook?

When you sign up or log in, Gluten Free Land only requests your "basic information". This is the minimum level that we can request from Facebook, even though some of it we neither request nor use. The information supplied to us includes:
  • Account number
  • Username
  • First and last name
  • Link to your Facebook page
  • Profile picture
  • Gender
  • Locale (Country and language e.g. NZ English)
  • Age range (13-17, 18-20 or 21+)
The first time you sign in with Facebook, we will create a new Gluten Free Land account for you and fill it out using your username, real name and profile picture from Facebook. You are then free to update your Gluten Free Land account as often as you like via the "My Account" button. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or try it out now: