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Love Thy Curry

The kind people at Love Thy Curry sent me one of their curry kits to try out. I chose the Moghul Chicken Korma as it is one of my favourite Indian dishes. As much as I love Kormas, I've never made one myself from scratch, always "cheating" with a liquid premix sauce or opting for a visit to the local Indian restaurant. Having tried it, I must say that there is something very satisfying about making it yourself. Having all the ingredients already measured out for you makes it very easy and saves a lot of the hassle. The instructions also provide a clear shopping list for the ingredients not included in the pack, such as chicken, cream and onions so I was able to pick these up during my usual grocery shop.

Love thy curry kit

Per the directions, I ground the almonds with garlic and ginger to form a delicious marinade for the chicken. Next, I cooked the onions and added the supplied spice mix. To get the flavours out of the mix, one has to grind it up. This is where a pestle and mortar can really come in handy. I don't own one, so made do with a food processor. After adding the chicken, remaining sachet of spices (cinnamon, bay leaves and chilli) I was ready to simmer while preparing the rice.

Although it was early and I had barely started simmering the Korma, other members of the household started appearing to comment on the beautiful aroma and ask when dinner would be ready. The result was fantastic. The curry has a great complex flavour, thanks to the combination of spices freshly ground in just the right proportions. In short, I loved it.

My Moghul Chicken Korma

Love Thy Curry kits come in 10 delicious flavours:

  • Beef Vindaloo

  • Butter Chicken

  • Chicken Tikka

  • Goa Fish

  • Tandoori Fish

  • Lamb Madras

  • Moghul Chicken

  • Rogan Josh

  • Vegetable Korma

  • Tandoori Chicken

For more details about Love Thy Curry kits, please see Gluten Free Land's Love Thy Curry product page as well as External website

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Books have landed!
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Responsible labelling
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