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Spicy gluten
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Finding gluten free food on the go

I am very excited to announce that last weekend I released Gluten Free Land Mobile Edition!!

GFL Mobile allows those of you with a smartphone to search for places that sell gluten free food near to your current location. It's very easy to use, just type into your mobile web browser e.g. Safari on iPhone or "Browser" on Android and you will be automagically redirected to our mobile website.

Remember, our mobile homepage and all pages on the full website (when viewed on a mobile device) have links at the top right that allow you to easily switch between the mobile and full versions.

In future we hope to add more mobile friendly features but in the mean time, give it a go and be sure to let us know if you have any difficulties or ideas for improvement.

One final tip: If you use an iPhone, clicking on the map button will launch your native Google Maps application. The Gluten Free Land Mobile webpage will still remain open in your browser in the background. To get back, press the home button on the front of your iPhone and then click on Safari.

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Spicy gluten
(Older blog post)