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GFL Android App

I am proud to announce the launch of the Gluten Free Land Android App.

The GFL Android App allows you to find cafes, restaurants, takeaways, bakeries and shops nearby selling gluten free foods, no matter where you are in New Zealand. It also features a fast, easy way to browse our collection of recipes and save your favourites to your phone or tablet.

screenshot of GFL Android Appscreenshot of GFL Android App

Best of all, the Gluten Free Land Android app is totally free.

Android app on Google PlaySo if you have an Android phone or tablet, why not give it a try? Just click on the banner below to find it in the Google Play Store.

Apple iPhone and iPad owners, sorry, we do not currently have an Apple iTunes store app, so please continue to use our mobile website.

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GFL Mobile on iPhone

This blog post describes how to access the Gluten Free Land mobile website on your iPhone or iPad. It allows you to search for places nearby that sell gluten free food. This guide applies to all versions of iOS, but may look a little different to your device if you aren't using the recently released (Sept 2013) iOS 7.

To begin, open your web browser "Safari" which has a compass icon.
Safari icon
Next, type into the address bar at the top of the screen. You will automatically be taken to the Mobile version of Gluten Free Land, as shown below:
Gluten Free Land Mobile
To find something nearby, simply tap on one of the grey buttons. (You will be asked for permission to share your location).

Tip: You can toggle between the Full and Mobile versions of Gluten Free Land using the links at the top right.

To make it much easier to visit Gluten Free Land again in future, simply look for the row of icons at the bottom of your screen. If they're hidden, scroll to the top of the website to make them appear.

Now click on the icon that has a box and an arrow. This should bring up a popup menu, similar to the one shown below:
Options menu

Now simply select "Add to Home Screen" and an icon will be saved to your homescreen for easy future access, like this:
Home screen

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Books have landed!

It's been a long time coming, but we're excited to announce that Gluten Free Land now has a special section dedicated to books! We've had a lot of requests for this feature from our users, so naturally we're very excited. To kick off, we've added the two books that were recently reviewed in the blog as well as a brand new book "Goodness Me It's Gluten Free" by mother and daughter Mary and Vanessa Hudson of Tauranga.

Goodness Me Its Gluten Free
We will be adding more books regularly so keep checking back soon. And for those of you who follow us on RSS, don't worry, we will have a book feed up and running very soon.

Please feel free to contact us if there's a book you'd like to see added or if you have a copy of your own book that you'd like to send us for review.

Have a wonderful long weekend (or an especially long one for those of you in Hawke's Bay)!

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Finding gluten free food on the go

I am very excited to announce that last weekend I released Gluten Free Land Mobile Edition!!

GFL Mobile allows those of you with a smartphone to search for places that sell gluten free food near to your current location. It's very easy to use, just type into your mobile web browser e.g. Safari on iPhone or "Browser" on Android and you will be automagically redirected to our mobile website.

Remember, our mobile homepage and all pages on the full website (when viewed on a mobile device) have links at the top right that allow you to easily switch between the mobile and full versions.

In future we hope to add more mobile friendly features but in the mean time, give it a go and be sure to let us know if you have any difficulties or ideas for improvement.

One final tip: If you use an iPhone, clicking on the map button will launch your native Google Maps application. The Gluten Free Land Mobile webpage will still remain open in your browser in the background. To get back, press the home button on the front of your iPhone and then click on Safari.

See also: Gluten Free Land Mobile on iPhone

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Feb 22nd Earthquake in Christchurch

Following the recent Feb 22nd earthquake we hope that all our Christchurch members and visitors are safe and so too their friends and family. Our hearts go out to all those who are suffering losses.

Just like the September 2010 quake, I experienced it first hand with you, living in Christchurch myself.

Whilst I had a very near miss with falling debris, I am uninjured, as are my friends and family. I am incredibly grateful for this. If you have been adversely affected and there is something we can do to help please get in touch.

I will post updates on Facebook of any information I have regarding availability of gluten free food in Christchurch. These are only snapshots in time, based on my own observations so keep an eye on when they are posted and feel free to contribute any info that you may have. just like September, we need to stick together as a community to work through this.

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