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Gluten free Christmas cookies

Every year the Cookietime Christmas cookie sellers visit my workplace with free samples of delicious cookies which my colleagues are all too happy to accept. But when offered the allure of a bucket of delicious biscuits, my first question as a coeliac has always been "do you have gluten free ones". I've always been disappointed at the answer since Cookietime have been making the gluten free versions of their standard cookie that many of us are big fans of.

Christmas Cookies

This year, the answer is different. Cookietime are finally making gluten free Chrismas cookies! I'm lucky enough to have got my hands on a bucket already and can confirm they're just as delicious as the full size gluten free Cookietime cookies. Due to their size, I also found them to be lighter and less crumbly too!

The gluten free cookies come in a 1 litre mini bucket for $15. If you have a lot of non-ceoliac cookie munchers in your family, you may want to also get a 2L bucket of regular (wheat based) cookies too. Trust me, you won't want to share!

Christmas Cookies

I should point out that this is the first year that Cookietime have made gluten free Christmas cookies and the production run will be for a limited quantity. Therefore it's strongly recommended that you reserve yours now to avoid disappointment.

7 cookies were eaten while writing this blog post.

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Responsible labelling

I've often reminded readers about the importance to keep checking the gluten free status on labels even for products that we buy regularly as the recipes sometimes change. Typically I am talking about gluten in unexpected places or products that were previously gluten free but have changed.

Today, I have a positive story to share quite the opposite is true!

I am of course talking about the newly formulated Burgen gluten free breads.

The new recipe adds yeast and egg to the ingredients achieving (in my opinion at least) a much better texture. But these new ingredients are allergens for some and were not present in the Burgen products before. So how did Burgen look after those with yeast or egg allergies? Not only is the print on the packaging completely different, but they went to the trouble of placing a sticker on the front specifically stating that these new allergens have been introduced.

New Burgen Bread

Better yet, to further improve the chances of affected customers noticing, they began attaching these stickers to the old product shortly before the changeover! These guys deserve a medal for being so responsible and thoughtful towards their customers.

Let's hope more companies follow Burgen's lead when it comes to alerting us to changes in their recipes.

Posted by Rory on May 1st, 2013 under New Zealand Gluten Free | Permalink | Comments(1) | tweetTweet | facebookFacebook

Gluten Free Flaky Pastry!

I've always thought it would be fantastic to be able to buy pre-made gluten free puff pastry. I once made some using Orgran Pastry Mix and it turned out fantastically. But it did take an afternoon of alternating between chilling the pastry in the freezer and rolling in the butter. Bakeries such as the totally gluten free bakery sell ready made shortcrust pastry which saves having to make your own for pie bases, but ready made puff pastry has remained elusive, until now that is…

Pavilion have come to the rescue with a new frozen gluten free flaky pastry (and shortcrust and sweet varieties) available at Pak 'n Save and no doubt all supermarkets in the near future. Using their pastry is as simple as removing from the freezer an hour in advance to thaw and then it is ready to use. I found the timing to be pretty spot on, despite it being fairly critical, the pastry starting off hard to roll and becoming a little sticky as I finished. This is the pie I created with the Pavilion Flaky Pastry on top (brushed with egg for lovely golden brown finish).

My puff pastry pie

I created my own pastry for the base which was rather poor in comparison. Here is a slice of the flaky pastry topped pie (left) along with a potato top pie that I made using the shortcrust pastry as a base (right).

my pies

I have not tried the sweet pastry yet but so far can totally recommend* Pavilion's shortcrust and flaky pastry. Look out for them in your supermarket freezer i.e. near the frozen vege, fries or pre cooked meals.

*Genuine personal recommendation. (Gluten Free Land did not receive anything for writing this and the author purchased the products described).

Posted by Rory on Aug 15th, 2011 under New Zealand Gluten Free | Permalink | Comments(0) | tweetTweet | facebookFacebook

More gluten free breads in supermarkets

We all know there is a large and growing demand for gluten free foods from those of us with coeliac disease as well as the gluten intolerant.

The message has clearly got through to Goodman Fielder who are opening a dedicated gluten free bakery in Huntly.

The plant is expected to open in the next few weeks and produce gluten free versions of well known brands such as Vogel's and Freya's.

More choices can only be good!

[UPDATE 21st August 2011]:
The bakery is already running and producing gluten free Vogel's bread and Ernest Adams slices, biscuits and cakes. Stuff article

Posted by Rory on Aug 13th, 2011 under New Zealand Gluten Free | Permalink | Comments(0) | tweetTweet | facebookFacebook

Christchurch GF bakery change of ownership

For nearly 3 years now, I have been enjoying the convenience of living 5mins walk away from The Gingerbread Man Bakery on Blenheim Road. I've been visiting weekly to fill the deficit between what I bake and what I eat.

For Carl, the owner, it's been 10 years in the business and he's now decided to pursue something else. Thankfully, as much as we will miss him (and his renowned wit!), Carl has managed to ensure that his leaving won't adversely affect his regular customers.


This is because The Gingerbread Man Bakery is now owned by The Totally Gluten Free Bakery of Worcester Street. The change only took effect on the 1st of November, yet today I was already greeted with some of the best products from Totally Gluten Free Bakery appearing at the Gingerbread Man. The shortbread that I used to drive across town to purchase from the Totally Gluten Free Bakery and courier to my (GF) mother in the north island (because no other biscuit comes close in her book) is now available down the road from me at the Gingerbread Man! No doubt the reverse is also true with the best Gingerbread Man products appearing in the Totally Gluten Free Bakery.

Having met the owners and many of the staff of both businesses on many occasions as a customer, I know that they all share the same passion and enthusiasm for looking after customers and creating great gluten free food. Only time will tell how the changes will work out, but at this stage it is looking good.

Posted by Rory on Nov 3rd, 2010 under New Zealand Gluten Free | Permalink | Comments(0) | tweetTweet | facebookFacebook