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Announcing our muesli winners

I am pleased to announce that our competition has now closed and 24 entries have been selected to win a box of Vogel's Cafe-Style Light or Cafe-Style Light Berry muesli, thanks to the great folks at Vogel's.

We received a lot of interest in this competition, however the massive number of prizes, 24 in fact, meant that many Gluten Free Land members will soon be enjoying some free breakfast.


The full list of winners can be found on the competition page.

We look forward to bringing you more competitions like this in the future.

If you are a business who would like to get involved with something like this, please get in touch, we're happy to discuss your ideas whether big or small.

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FREE delicious muesli!!!

Thanks to the fantastic people at Vogel's, we are giving away free boxes of muesli to review!!

Vogels Café Style Light Cereal

Vogel's Café Style Light

Vogels Café Style Light Berry Cereal

Vogel's Café Style Light Berry

We will be doing a draw to decide who gets each of the 12 boxes of Café Style Light and 12 boxes of Café Style Light Berry, so all you need to do is go to during October and click the big button to enter the draw!

To help you maximise your chances of winning, we are also going to count each review that you write on Gluten Free Land during October as an additional entry into the draw and each recipe that you share as 2 extra entries! So get sharing -I'm really looking forward to reading your reviews and trying out your favourite recipes!


  • Only members who enter the draw at will receive extra entries from their reviews and recipes

  • Café Style Light and Café Style Light Berry are made without wheat or gluten in their ingredients, however they are made in an environment that also produces gluten and wheat containing cereals

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Gluten Free Diet in the MSM

I came across an article on Stuff today about gluten free food that touched on some interesting ideas.

The article claimed that as many as 25% of Americans are avoiding gluten. Having heard the difficulty a relative had finding gluten free foods on a recent trip to the USA (to the extent of losing a fair amount of weight during the short trip!), I find this rather surprising.

image of some newspapers

The article is good, however at pointing out that some of us cannot eat gluten for medical reasons rather than entirely dismissing gluten free diets as merely a fad, although it comes close. Whether or not a quarter of America is indeed avoiding gluten because Chelsea Clinton, Old Spice Man and Gwyneth Paltrow do so, the rapid growth of people following low gluten diets should fuel a wider range of better quality, cheaper gluten free foods for us, but on the other hand it can also lead to the hospitality industry underestimating the sensitivity of coeliacs to gluten.

Have a read for yourself hereexternal link icon.

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Christchurch Earthquake

I hope my fellow Christchurch coeliacs are all safe and have plenty of GF food.

It's times like these that we are reminded how important it is to have a stock of non-perishable gluten free food.

tinned food

Thankfully things aren't as bad as they could be here and some supermarkets were even open today, while others had collapsed. As I mentioned on Facebook, if you're hankering for some gluten free bread tomorrow, Countdown Church Corner had a good amount of Burgen in stock this afternoon.

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Wellington Gluten Free Allergy Expo

The Gluten Free Food & allergy show is coming to Wellington this weekend.

The event is being held at the TSB Arena on the 28th and 29th of August and is well worth a look, especially if you've never been to one of these before. Gluten Free manufacturers will have loads of food to sample and heaps of special deals available only on the day. For more information on this event, see the gluten free allergy show websiteexternal link.

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