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More gluten free breads in supermarkets

We all know there is a large and growing demand for gluten free foods from those of us with coeliac disease as well as the gluten intolerant.

The message has clearly got through to Goodman Fielder who are opening a dedicated gluten free bakery in Huntly.

The plant is expected to open in the next few weeks and produce gluten free versions of well known brands such as Vogel's and Freya's.

More choices can only be good!

[UPDATE 21st August 2011]:
The bakery is already running and producing gluten free Vogel's bread and Ernest Adams slices, biscuits and cakes. Stuff article

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Hot Chips

(Updated 28th July 2012)
Just two weeks on from thisexternal link rather comprehensive article about coeliac disease in the mainstream media, there is yet another articleexternal link, published today which touched on an interesting topic: hot chips.

The article mentions hot chips as being a "safe option" for coeliacs (being potato). But how safe are they really? As the article points out, the same oil is used to fry crumbed and battered fish, posing a potential cross contamination risk. From what I have read online, gluten is not soluble (won't dissolve) in oil, therefore the reuse of oil is not actually a problem, but pieces of batter or crumb floating around in the oil are going to be major issue for us. The safety of our hot chips will therefore depend a lot on the practices of the establishment.

image of some hot chips

Personally, I tend to avoid hot chips when there are battered or crumbed items on the menu, but might just be over careful. What do you think? Do you eat hot chips from your local fish & chip shop? Let us know via the contact page or on our Facebook pageexternal link icon.

[Update 28th July 2012]
Gluten Free Land member Kezziekat points out that in addition to the more obvious potato wedges, some frozen chips are also coated in flour to make them extra crispy! I've said it many times on this blog, but we really must be careful to check labels and keep rechecking as familiar products can (and certainly do!) change from time to time.

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Feb 22nd Earthquake in Christchurch

Following the recent Feb 22nd earthquake we hope that all our Christchurch members and visitors are safe and so too their friends and family. Our hearts go out to all those who are suffering losses.

Just like the September 2010 quake, I experienced it first hand with you, living in Christchurch myself.

Whilst I had a very near miss with falling debris, I am uninjured, as are my friends and family. I am incredibly grateful for this. If you have been adversely affected and there is something we can do to help please get in touch.

I will post updates on Facebook of any information I have regarding availability of gluten free food in Christchurch. These are only snapshots in time, based on my own observations so keep an eye on when they are posted and feel free to contribute any info that you may have. just like September, we need to stick together as a community to work through this.

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Wheat to be banned in Sri Lanka

I read a fascinating piece of news today, describing how Sri Lanka are banning wheat in their country. The motives are a little sinister but I can only imagine how great it must be for coeliacs over there.

The reasons for the ban are that Sri Lanka is a major rice growing country who have a large surplus of rice, whilst importing massive quantities of wheat. They there see a ban on wheat as a politically and economically sensible decision, to give demand to their local rice industry and reduce dependence on overseas wheat.

image of some wheat

It is not appropriate here to discuss the relative pros and cons of governments exhorting control over industries in this way, but the article makes for an unusual read. I also wonder whether there will be a backlash when people no doubt discover that they don't enjoy the sticky, gritty texture of rice breads after the spongy glutenous wheat breads. Here's hoping the ban leads to improved rice bread recipes and the development of better rice flours.

The article is available hereexternal link icon.

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Christchurch GF bakery change of ownership

For nearly 3 years now, I have been enjoying the convenience of living 5mins walk away from The Gingerbread Man Bakery on Blenheim Road. I've been visiting weekly to fill the deficit between what I bake and what I eat.

For Carl, the owner, it's been 10 years in the business and he's now decided to pursue something else. Thankfully, as much as we will miss him (and his renowned wit!), Carl has managed to ensure that his leaving won't adversely affect his regular customers.


This is because The Gingerbread Man Bakery is now owned by The Totally Gluten Free Bakery of Worcester Street. The change only took effect on the 1st of November, yet today I was already greeted with some of the best products from Totally Gluten Free Bakery appearing at the Gingerbread Man. The shortbread that I used to drive across town to purchase from the Totally Gluten Free Bakery and courier to my (GF) mother in the north island (because no other biscuit comes close in her book) is now available down the road from me at the Gingerbread Man! No doubt the reverse is also true with the best Gingerbread Man products appearing in the Totally Gluten Free Bakery.

Having met the owners and many of the staff of both businesses on many occasions as a customer, I know that they all share the same passion and enthusiasm for looking after customers and creating great gluten free food. Only time will tell how the changes will work out, but at this stage it is looking good.

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