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The first Gluten Free Land Blog

I have finally finished the behind-the-scenes work to allow me to make blog posts on Gluten Free Land. So what exactly is the idea of this?

In a nutshell, I just wanted a more flexible medium through which to share a wide variety of information on a reasonably regular basis.

picture of balloons to celebrate first blog

Whether it is Q&A with an experienced chef, the opportunity for you to win stuff or an upcoming gluten free show, it will be here on the Gluten Free Land blog. I will also, at my discretion, publish guest articles so get in touch if you are interested in this.

Until then, enjoy the rest of the site & keep those recipes and reviews coming! I have already discovered a number of great foods and places to eat thanks to site members and have some great recipes that I am looking forward to trying out.


Admin Rory

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